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Heartbleed vulnerability

On April 7, 2014 a vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160, also known as “Heartbleed”) was released that could allow attackers to view sensitive information in a server’s memory such as secret keys and passwords.

 Posted On:15 Apr , 2014 11:56:06, by Admin

Why to use our Managed Hosting solution?

By the term Managed Hosting we take care of your entire server related issues. You not only hire the hardware from us, but also pay us for managing it.

 Posted On:27 Feb , 2013 12:45:27, by Admin

Fourth DNS backup server live

Fourth DNS backup server live

 Posted On:12 Jan , 2013 11:48:53, by Admin

What is new in IIS8

IIS8 is the latest version of Microsoft's flagship web server as part of windows server 2012.

 Posted On:14 Nov , 2012 12:23:25, by Admin

Additional DNS Cluster Live

One more DNS server

 Posted On:09 Nov , 2012 11:29:34, by Admin

Asp.net 4.5 Released

Microsoft released new version of asp.net 4.5 last week. Even though it is 4.5, it does not create any new version under IIS 7 application pool settings

 Posted On:20 Aug , 2012 02:27:52, by Admin

I am very pleased with the quality of work and the service that your company has provided for me. I would love to work with your company on new projects. Thank you for everything.
Arun P, MS, CPA