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Why to use our Managed Hosting solution?

By the term Managed Hosting we take care of your entire server related issues. You not only hire the hardware from us, but also pay us for managing it.

In unmanaged hosting, you rent the server from the hosting company and you will need to deal yourself with any issues that may come across during the day to day running of your website or application which will be difficult for a non-technical user.
Our managed hosting packages includes the following features

Distributed DNS Servers

We have several geographically separated DNS servers running from different data centres across US, Europe and Asia. This not only improves overall performance but also guarantee that your services will not be affected at the event of any hardware or network failure provided they are running from multiple servers or locations.


Server security is important for any business. It covers various aspects of security under its umbrella such as:

  • Running security audits
  • Spam filtering
  • Virus scanning
  • Software firewall configuration
  • OS updates

We are well equipped with various tools and have tons of experience dealing with server security related issues. We constantly scan the operating system and core applications to find any security vulnerability and fix them immediately before it is exploited by any one.

Server Monitoring

It’s a process of constantly scanning the servers to search for any irregularities or potential failures. Our System administrators constantly monitor our servers to identify such points of failures and address them accordingly before it become a threat for security. These precautionary steps also help us to guarantee the best server uptime and network availability.

Managed Storage

The storage requirements of a company may change from time to time.

Our servers are equipped with the right hardware and software setup so that your storage space can be upgraded to the required quantity within no time.

Managed Database

We have experienced DBAs for handling your database servers including ORACLE, SQL SERVER, MYSQL and PGSQL.

This also involves day to day tuning of data base tables which can radically improve your application’s performance.

Daily Backup

In order to provide maximum reliability, we have developed our own unique method to backup your website or application to ‘Amazon Cloud’ on a daily basis. Amazon Cloud infrastructure is one of the most reliable and redundant provider having multiple data centres around the world so that your data is safe.

All our backups are encrypted before it is transferred to the remote location for enhanced security.

 Posted On:27 Feb , 2013 12:45:27, by Admin

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I am very pleased with the quality of work and the service that your company has provided for me. I would love to work with your company on new projects. Thank you for everything.
Arun P, MS, CPA