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What is new in IIS8

IIS8 is the latest version of Microsoft's flagship web server as part of windows server 2012.

Major changes which seems interesting to us are..

Real CPU Throttling

In IIS 8 there are major changes in CPU Throttling. Now there are two new actions for sites that reach the CPU threshold. They are Throttle and Throttle under load.

The throttle feature will keep the CPU for a particular worker process at the level specified. Throttling isn’t applied to just the primary worker process, but it also includes all child processes, if they happen to exist.

The Throttle under load feature will allow a site to use all possible CPU if it’s available while throttling the worker process if the server is under load.

The throttling is based on the user and not specifically on the application pools.

SSL Scalability

In IIS 8 the SSL certificate count is easily scalable to thousands of secure sites per machine with almost instantaneous first-loads. Only the certificate that is needed is loaded and it will unload after a configurable idle period.

Application Initialization Module

This allows spinning up sites and pages before traffic arrives and handling of requests in a friendly way while the application first loads. It's not uncommon for a site to take a minute or longer on the first load (yes SharePoint admins, we feel your pain). This allows you to protect the end user from being the person that triggers this.

 Posted On:14 Nov , 2012 12:23:25, by Admin

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